New technology is an important cornerstone for the development of Tricot Beam
2021-08-10 17:35:22

With the increasingly fierce international competition in the textile industry, in order to pursue product quality, diversification, and to cater to the challenges of similar products at home and abroad, to meet the needs of product diversification and the increasing speed of warping machines. After monitoring the requirements for the sensitivity and reliability of self-stopping, the company has developed its own characteristics with high sensitivity and strong reliability on the basis of fully researching and absorbing similar technology of self-stopping devices at home and abroad, which is comparable to imported similar products. Infrared yarn breakage automatic stop monitoring device for warping machine.


The infrared warping automatic stop monitoring device of the warping machine is an independent monitoring mechanism suitable for various types of warping machines. This device uses infrared technology, electronic circuit control and display, reasonable structural design, and an original fully enclosed structure, which is not affected by fly lint and dust in the workshop. This device has fast warp response speed, accurate and intuitive display of warp-broken parts, shortens the time of searching for the warp, is convenient for operators to operate, is easy to install, convenient to maintain, reduces labor intensity, improves work efficiency and warp beam quality, and has been tested. The output can be increased by about 20%-30%, and the warp beam rate can be increased by 15%-25%. The device is suitable for Tricot Beam machines of various types and the matching use of new machines.






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